Sunday, October 2, 2011

Uncertain and Need Input/Advice - Weight Watchers or Not?

As most of you are aware, I am a Weight Watchers member and I started Weight Watchers back in July of this year. The program is going good, but part of me can't help but question it sometimes. There are some definite positives and some definite negatives about WW and I am trying to weigh them out. Now before you even start to assume that maybe I am just looking for a way out of losing weight that is not the case. If you knew me last year or read anything about me previous to this you may know that I lost 50lbs last year by eating healthy and exercising. I counted calories and I busted my ass working out - calories in vs. calories out which in all reality is how things should be done healthily.

I have thought long and hard about going back to this way of eating. It seemed to work great for me and I didn't obsess or binge or let the little things get to me nearly as much as I have and am recently.

The one main reason I have joined weight watchers this year was because I wanted the support that weight watchers offers me, but to be completely honest it seems strange to be paying $55 per month to have a group of ladies that I don't really know, support me and also for me to step on a scale every month. Especially when late last week my doc emailed me and she told me about this program called "healthy you" near me. It is a free, government funded, program that focuses on eating habits and behaviours as well as fitness. It is a group meeting/program that lasts 12 months. You meet once or twice a week with a fitness component for the first few months, then after a while once every other week and then once every month. It is ran by fitness professionals and helps you work and deal with the mental component of weight loss and health. This all sounds amazing right? Well and it is also FREE!!!!!! yes! 100% FREE! So you see why I have a hard decision to make?

While we are on the free topic, although my hubby and I are doing alright financially, that $55 I pay per month for weight watchers is a little much and could be much better used elsewhere.

Ahhhhh I don't know! I would love others input and thoughts on this.

I know that the ONLY thing that hindered me from carrying on last year, aside from having some unfortunate events take place that threw me off and led to weight gain, was the lack of support, which is why I joined weight watchers. But with the Healthy You Program, which I must say again is FREEEEEEE, you have that support. I also have received a lot more help from my diabetes team and medical contacts and have their support more so moving forward. Help me! Obviously I am leaning more towards one option, but I would love others input. Thanks guys!