Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alcohol is not your friend..

So... I rarely drink and i rarely drink to the point that I am drunk, but on Saturday I drank to that point. I had a great night though, but realized yesterday when I was sitting down waiting for my doctor appt. and trying to figure out the points value for my drinks I remember having on Saturday at least, that alcohol is not your friend when you are trying to lose weight. I'm not stupid, I knew all along that it isn't healthy for you in large quantities, nothing really is, but I didnt realize exactly how far past my points I drank. Mind you I was being stupid and didnt chose the healthiest option of drink. I know what matters most is that I had a great time at my cousins wedding and I have no regrets, except for not counting for my drinks in advance. And to be this foolish on a weekend after a week of holidays where I can admit I ate over my points pretty much daily. Silly Brooke! Well Sunday was a new day, but I slipped up there. Then Monday was a new day and I got my ass back on track. Counted, grocery shopped and even busted out an intense workout, which I also did today :) just goes to show you that you are never too far down the wrong path to turn around and start heading the right way again. Like they say, you never fail until you stop trying.

Tomorrow is weigh in and yes I am scared. I am assuming there will be a gain, but I am not certain how much or little of one. Only time will tell, but regardless I will lose it again next week or the week following that. I will not give up on me again!

Sidenote: this is my cousin and his beautiful bride on their wedding day :) love you guys!


  1. LOVE your attitude! Proud of you for getting back on track, even when it's hard!

  2. Yep, the key is to not let one failure, or even a week of them derail you. Just get right back at it.