Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Food doesn't fix stress...

So I found myself getting very stressed out this afternoon, mainly about money, and I instantly thought about going to my kitchen and grabbing food and lots of it. First I stopped myself and said "how on earth is that going to make this any better?" and second I acknowledged the fact that that was my immediate response and decided to share it on here. I think that although I am an all emotions eater, stress is the one emotion I almost always tend to turn towards food and once again, lots of it! In all reality its a never ending cycle too because I get stressed out because of money, work, relationships, etc. And then I turn to food, which in turn just causes more stress because I gained weight, I ate all the food and therefore have to buy more, or I guilt trip myself and make myself feel like crap.

I need to end this cycle and recognizing this behavior is the first step.

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