Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Get My Ass Moving Plan...

Yesterday I set up a plan called the "Get My Ass Moving Plan". I wanted something that would, well - GET MY ASS MOVING. This is what the next few weeks look like.

The plan is using my Turbo Jam DVDs to gradually get me back into fitness again. Turbo Jam is an amazing workout by Chalene Johnson and Beachbody, which I purchased 5-6 years ago now. I have been doing TJ on and off since I purchased it. The first month I did TJ back when I bought it, I didnt change my eating and in the first month I lost something like 11 pounds. I since have purchased different workouts and havent even had the chance to try them all yet.

Day #1 - I completed this yesterday and afterwards I felt great, but sore and VERY tired. Afterwards I realized how much I missed that feeling. The feeling of the sweat pouring down your face. That feeling you get in your chest and lungs when you really push it. It was like a drug to me. Check out my Day #1 YouTube video here:

Day #2- Success! I finished this workout this morning. TJ 20 min. My muscles are aching from the TJ yesterday and my baseball game last night, but I worked through that and once again felt amazing. I even noticed an improvement in my breathing and movements from yesterday. Its crazy how fast your body can start to change! - Check out my Day #2 YouTube video here:

For the next couple week I plan on sticking to the original workouts and then moving up to the other DVDs after our holidays in September. I am looking forward to the changes this will make on the scale and my ass!

Now get out there and get your ass moving too!

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