Friday, August 26, 2011

Making Fitness A Priority...

I am very proud of myself. A very rare thing happened this morning. I set my alarm an hour earlier than I normally get up because I knew I had a lot to do this morning. My mother in law and step-father in law were meeting us at our house and then we were all going to travel up to my parent's cottage for the weekend. I knew that I had some work to do and a conference call around 8 am, not to mention packing, cleaning, laundry and all the normal stuff I do in the mornings. But then I thought where am I going to fit in my Friday workout? I woke up another hour prior to when my alarm was supposed to be going off and I thought to myself "I could get another hour of sleep, OR I could get up now and have a little more time to do stuff and not feel so rushed."

That's right I got up two hours earlier than I normally would and worked my little butt off < (one part of me that actually isn't all that large haha) I did the TJ Fat Blaster again, which is a very intense 30 min interval workout and I gurantee buckets of sweat when you are done! AMAZING!

I never in a million years would be the one to put fitness first. Even last year when I was all over working out and I did make it a priority, I never put it first. I started my day off well and guranteed it is going to be a LOT less stressful of a morning now that I have. I feel great!


  1. Kuddos to you Brooke! Keep it going!

  2. Awesome! If you're not a morning person, like me, that takes a lot of effort. You're awesome! I've never tried TJ Fat Blaster.. i'll have to check that out!