Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Self Help...

Thinking tonight about books and the type of book I have either tried to or succeeded in finishing made me wonder why I always turn to the same type of book. I realized tonight that I go for all these self help books, books that promise me something other than a good read or a good ol' read. I always find myself grabbing for the book that will make me thin; the book that will make me healthy; the book that will help me spiritually; but in all honesty a simple book is NOT going to help me with that. It won't make me better. I do understand that these books have great information within them and they may be a good read for some, but simply not for me... Not anymore! I am going to stay true to the books that I have enjoyed in the past and although they may be frowned upon, or I may be laughed at, I am ok with that because I enjoy them and that is ALL that matters. Love stories, vampires, war stories, here I come!

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